Creating Our Blog

Hey, friends! With the completion of our new website, we want to give you a run-down on the plan for our blog.
Let’s start by stating the obvious: like you, we love the outdoors. We want you to get to know us, and we want you to get know the people and places we love – that’s why we’ve started this blog. This is the place where we’ll post something about everything. We’ll have the scoop on the latest news from your favorite companies such as Salomon, Osprey, North Face and Patagonia, and we’ll showcase some little-known destinations in the Magnolia State where you can bike, run or canoe/kayak. Here, you’ll get insight into the BPO team’s favorite gear, and you will learn the proper way to be fitted for a backpack or a pair of hiking boots.
This blog will be used to promote conservation in Mississippi and to help bring the outdoor community together. Some of you have seen the world while in pursuit of the perfect wave or in search of a yet-to-be-climbed mountain, while others aren’t international travelers and/or adventurers but parents taking your child on a Boy or Girl Scout trip or grandparents taking a grandchild fishing on a beautiful spring afternoon. We believe all such activities are to be cherished. We’ll profile some of the fascinating people who walk through our doors and give them a forum to share about the trips they take as well as ways that they make every day an adventure. We hope to inspire you to be adventurous and make you feel better connected with others who love the outdoors. After all, the best outdoor-related memories always involve the people we meet and the shared memories we create.